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Peyote stitch ruffle bracelet

Well, I have finally spent some necessary time photographing some of my beadwork and jewelry to post on the site. Also very exciting is that I have some of my pieces in a local gallery - Color Obsession in Mashpee -

Peyote Stitch

Peyote stitch ruffle braceletPeyote stitch ruffle bracelet Much of my beadwork is done using peyote stitch. This ancient stitch predates the native american use of this stitch to create ceremonial objects from which its current most common name derives. It is a needlewoven technique that can be done flat or in tubular form and creates a fabric that can be fitted to a form.

I like to reference ancient design motifs from carpets and other textiles adapted to beadwork. I also am drawn to leaf shapes, as evidenced by my logo image and this tassel to the right.


I love this form! It really allows me to use many different skills and techniques and combine them in unique ways. Many of my tassels include beadwork, painting on wooden molds, twisting and braiding techniques, including kumihimo braiding. I am currently experimenting with polymer clay and precious metal clay in this format.


Peyote stitch ruffle bracelet One of the great uses of this stich is to form bezels to include cabochons and other objects, regular or irregular in shape, into a piece.

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