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Welcome to Kusala Design

I love to design! Whether it adorns neck or home, creates a cohesive look for a stage production, or establishes brand on the web and in print, I love working with people and materials to bring a vision to life. Art and design are central to my life, and I enjoy using my skills and creative talents to materialize my personal vision, or to help others to materialize their vision.


Kusala is a word that means "right action". I chose this for the name of my business because it speaks to the central intention from which I try to make all decisions in business, art and life. In each project, my goal is to be guided by right action. For me, this means making design decisions based on my connection to a client and his or her goals, the message of a play or performance piece, or the materials I am using in a particular design. This requires quiet, focused listening, to others and to that place deep within each of us that is there to guide our actions.

I enjoy working on my own projects, but I also need to be engaged in collaborative work. I find the energy and joy generated by working in partnership with others has a special quality that spills over into all aspects of my life. That sense of connection and community that develops over the course of a project is precious and nurturing and I believe has a ripple effect beyond those immediately involved. I think design that comes from this place of connection and caring carries with it a special feeling that can touch even the most casual observer in positive ways.


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